Private Clinics London

What services are offered by private clinics?

Private Clinic Services

Private clinics play a very crucial role in providing health services to patients because hospitals run by the government sometimes have long waiting lists, inability for patients to choose treatment options and the choice of who you want to attend to you. This article provides some of the services that are provided by private clinics.

Same day appointments as ordered by the doctor: It may at times be very difficult to access quality health services in GPs following the fact that the GPs are busy thus reducing chances of fully meeting the needs of the population in ideally desired ways. This has led to the rise and effectiveness of private GP services with easy and quickly accessed competent NHS trained GP to patients whenever they wish. This includes a guarantee of the ability to make arrangements for immediate appointments within a period of 24 hours.

The Services They Offer

More choices: Private clinics have a provision for patients to choose when and where to get treated based on their schedule. Therefore, the health facilities attend to appointments pertaining health issues within 24 hours.

Home visits: For those who are not able to get to the clinic for one reason or the other, healthcare professionals from private clinics can attend to them at the comfort of their beds at a fee in a certain radius. When arranging for this service, the private GP has to confirm the timing.

Health screening: Private GP services offer specialized osteoporosis, prostate and bowel screening.

On-site diagnostic imaging: The clinics provide timely diagnostic services like DXA, Ultrasound, x-ray, MRI and CT scanning.

Corporate services: Other services offered by private clinics are directed to the wellbeing of business employees including pre-employment medicals, staff vaccination and travel health screening for working abroad.

Access to specialized consultants: Health providers in the private sector are able to speedily arrange for an onward referral of your choice with well trained consultants capable of delivering quality results.