Private Clinics London

What is a private clinic?

A clinic is a healthcare facility that main focus is taking care of outpatients. A private clinic is therefore preferred by most people because of various advantage like;

  • Fast treatment
  • Choice of where to be treated and when
  • Get to choose your consultant

How does private clinic work?

Normally, a doctor will write a referral for you which includes even the consultant to see in a private clinic. Most people have an insurance package that caters for the medical bills while others just opt to pay on their own. For those with insurance packages, it is advised you check with the healthcare if they accept that referral and also get authorization reference from the insurance.

The next thing that happens is that the consultant will arrange for an appointment. After the meeting, the consultant will write to your general practitioner the findings or the status of the condition. Then the consultant gives an invoice which is paid for by the insurance unless there is an excess that has to be paid by the individual. Those who are on self-pay maybe required to do so before the services are rendered.

How private health insurance works

There are three major types of insurance policies

  • Private health insurance policy- This is normally paid on a monthly basis and a certain premium that is meant to cater for your medical bills when ill. It is cheaper when you pay it through your work plan rather than when you pay it directly.
  • Hospital cash plan -Pays out a day by day money advantage on hospitalization of a secured person. It enables you to concentrate on a brisk recuperation without agonizing over the source of funds for your everyday necessities while in doctor's facility.
  • Critical illness insurance- Here, the insurer is advised to give lump sum cash if the policy holder is diagnosed with particular ailments like cancer or stroke.

The insurance however has some exceptions that they do not take care of like;

  • Pre-existing conditions- this is any condition or illness that you have received treatment before
  • Long term illness- This is where there is no cure for that illness
  • Instances like antenatal care for expectant moms and some of the cosmetic surgeries.

What to do if you do not have insurance

So you are unwell and you do not have insurance? Maybe the insurance plan is too expensive or the illness caught you unaware? Worry not for you can still seek treatment from the private consultant. On average, the consultation ranges from $120-$200. You can pay this amount then ask your consultant to update your general practitioner on the findings then you can decide to either stick to the same clinic or just move back to NHS but now under the care of the consultant.