Private Clinics London

How much do private clinics cost?

Many consumers feel that paying for health insurance is expensive, until they are not feeling well. Then they are thankful they decided to subscribe to a health insurance plan. Their plan helps to pay for their medical costs and they have peace of mind for the future.

You will Need a Referral

In most situations, patients will need a referral from their GP before a private clinic will even see you. The process in most cases follows this path, although this is a general approach and may vary from patient to patient.

  • Obtain an appointment with your GP who after examination will refer you to a private clinic.
  • Attend an appointment at the private clinic, who may require diagnostic tests
  • Complete all of the diagnostic tests which are not always at convenient times.
  • Revisit the private clinic to discuss the results and decide what the next step may be
  • If you need an operation, a schedule will be set and a quotation for the cost of the operation provided
  • If there are complications, you may need extra time in the hospital.
  • After the operation, there will be follow up visits to the clinic to check on your recovery
  • You may need post operative treatment or physiotherapy

There is a cost for each of these steps in the process. You will want to confirm that the health coverage you have covers all of these process steps before proceeding, particularly if it is an elective operation. Your costs could range as follows - £25 for your GP, initial visit to the clinic £150, diagnostic tests – £75 each, varies, hospital stay and operation – varies, physio etc. – varies. Costs can quickly add up and your health insurance coverage will be very much appreciated.

More Examples of Diagnostic Testing Costs

An MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan is often used to examine an injury that cannot be seen or perhaps an illness inside the body. MRI costs vary depending on the clinic, however they tend to range from £400 to £600. Some private clinics advertise less expensive MRI tests, however these costs may not include analysis and interpretation of the results.

Treatment at private hospitals also vary a great deal. You may be asked to pay for that TV in your room, private accommodation, etc. Recovering in pleasant accommodations is great for many people, but there is a cost to pay and will your health insurance cover all of these extras?

Then there are the hospital expenses. They vary a great deal depending on the location of your testing, operation and recovery. The number of doctors and specialists that are needed, the equipment used etc. also determine the final bill for the health care services provided.

If you needed a procedure for a hysteroscopy for example, in 2014, the Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust was charging £1,111, while the South Devon Healthcare NHS foundation was charging £475 for the same procedure. Another example for a hip replacement operation saw charges vary from £7610 to £14,980. These are substantial differences which makes it difficult to estimate the value of a health insurance policy to individual consumers. Never the less, if you do not have health insurance, can you afford to pay even the lower costs for some of these procedures?

Advantages of Private Health Insurance

Aside from the obvious advantage that your private health insurer will pay for your medical treatments, they will also help you select the correct procedures and diagnostic tests that you need. They can also assist in navigating the tests that you need to have completed. Get the right tests, the right treatment at the right time in the right place. Aviva private medical insurance helps with all of this, providing priceless support when you need it.