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Does private treatment affect NHS treatments?

Have you registered with any private treatment? This is very important for your family and it has not affect your NHS treatment as well. To deal with such situation, health department has formulated some guidelines which protect all NHS patients with private treatments. These guidelines stipulate that even with private treatment, NHS care will still be offered for free. Other is that members will not be asked for any extra payment not unless the law requires that you do so. NHS is not going to subsidize for your private treatment, distinct separation between your private and NHS care should be there. Finally is that even if you register with private treatment, your NHS waiting list is not going to be affected in any way.

Clear separation as possible

This is one of the guideline that states that, your private and NHS treatment services should all be handled differently. The place and time at which you receive your private care services should be very different from that of NHS. This can be inn different building if possible or in case that the NHS you have registered with is the one providing the private service then it should be in a private room. However, there are some specific situations where this can be received in the same room only under doctors’ advice.

Receiving both your private and NHS care at the same time

This happens on special occasions and they are allowed to be supervised by same healthcare team. Only one service care is used at a go when paying for services. You can choose to use NHS or pay for all the treatment services received.

Treatments that your doctor can tell you

Depending on your health condition, your doctor will tell you of the treatments that you will need. All these will be under your NHS care but whenever you will need that you be treated privately then you are free to ask. In case you have any complication your private care will be able to deal with it without affecting your NHS services. Therefore, your private and NHS care services are totally different services and none affects the other.